Gopi Krishna Dhungana’s ‘Shabdabimbama Satyamohan’ Launched

Shabdabimbama Satyamohan, a commemorative book on late cultural expert and writer Satyamohan Joshi was launched amid a public program in the capital on Saturday. Compiled and edited by writer and journalist Gopi Krishna Dhungana, the book was launched by serious journalist Bhairav Risal in a ceremony organized at Nepal Academy. Speaking after the launch of the book, journalist Risal said, “There is a lot to be written and researched about Late Mr. Joshi. There is no end to telling and writing about him.”

Senior writer and former chief editor of the Gorkhapatra daily, Shriom Shrestha Rodan termed the initiative ‘historic’ because late Joshi was someone who had registered records in 11 different archives. He said, “Equally popular among everyone, Mr. Joshi was indeed a living museum himself.” Joshi’s son Anu Raj said compiling a book on his father was indeed compiling a great resource for those willing to conduct more research on him.

Senior critic, Professor Dr. Gyanu Pandey appreciated late Joshi as someone who bequeathed light for everyone. She further said, Mr. Joshi was the embodiment of Nepal as both a nation and a culture. “The book that accommodates various aspects of the life of someone who always worked for the nation will indeed be meaningful till eternity,” she observed. Another speaker, Prof. Dr. Lekh Prasad Niraula commemorated Mr. Joshi as an exponent of Nepal’s history, culture, literature and humanity. He said, “It is salutary on the part of a journalist to prepare a book on someone who worked for the country and culture, instead of picking up a political subject.”

Editor Gopi Krishna Dhungana said his study led him to the conclusion that time shaped the personality of Satya Mohan Joshi, who in turn shaped the direction of time.

The book has been published by Bhudipuran Prakashan and incorporates articles by various scholars.